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Taqwah Mosque Trust

162 Northam Road, Southampton, SO14 0QF

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Welcome to our mosque

The Taqwah mosque is the main hub for the community for the Muslim community in Northam. All its facilities are open to all Muslims, non-Muslims, or all faiths, or none!

We aspire to help making our local Muslim population and institutions to be beacons of community cohesion through supporting, initiating and nurturing friendships with non-Muslims and the wider community and through the promotion of the fundamental British values such as democracy, rule of British law, freedom of speech, freedom of association, mutual respect and tolerance.

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Eid Mubarak to everyone and may Allah (swt) accept all of our fasts.








Taqwah Mosque Trust community, trustees, volunteers and worshippers condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrific and abhorrent attacks in Paris on the 13th November 2015.

Our thoughts and prayers for the families of the killed, injured or affected by these vicious attacks in France and elsewhere in the world.

Like many similar attacks, this attack was claimed by a group calling itself the ‘Islamic State’ but there is absolutely nothing Islamic whatsoever about such carnage.

We hope and pray that those responsible are brought to justice and face the full force of the law.

Anas Al-korj - Chairman & Imam

Taqwah Mosque Trust - Southampton

Friday: Khutbah 12:45 pm  iQamaah 13:00 pm  


By the blessing of Allah, the mosque committee acquired the corner shop next door (160 Northam Road).        

As our space is now doubled, so the number of worshippers must double too, else the Masjid will weep, cry and will curse us all. If you do not want to upset the Masjid then perform all your prayers inside the Masjid.                    

We need a lot of help while repairing, carpeting, cleaning and opening door between the 2 blocks and preparing the current Masjid space to for Taraweeh prayer for women. Variety of Islamic, educational, community cohesion, charity and tarbyah projects is either already based inside or being prepared for launch.

If you have any spare money, time or skills which you wish to use to benefit the Ummah then please email or call us to discuss, our contact details are below. Build up a legacy and ongoing charity (Sadaqa Jaria) by investing for the hereafter. Come on life is too short to waste on desires, be a ray of hope and make difference. At least make Dua for the masjid, for Northam and whole world if you can’t do anything.