Taqwah Mosque تقوى

Southampton, UK - Charity registration number: 1154764

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Taqwah Mosque Trust

162 Northam Road, Southampton, SO14 0QF

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Traditionally, the mosques are unique community hubs serving as drop-in centres for the whole community around it regardless of its faith, colour, creed or backgrounds.

Culturally, the role of the mosque has been (wrongly!) reduced to the aspects of Muslim worship only. Many mosques in the UK, including some Southampton mosques, are doing great work by striving to extend their activities and services to include all the traditional roles despite the lack of resources.

Taqwah Mosque will strive (when resources permit) to serve the whole community –worship and beyond- which will cater for the spiritual, social, emotional, educational and capacity needs for the 552 families residing in Northam Estate including about 130 known Muslim families in the Northam area.

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